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   Sewing Tool Box  
Click here for a printed copy of this list      Sewing Tool Box
This is a list of items that you carry with you for every class.

Sewing machine, Electric Cord and Manual
Extra Bobbins 
Neutral Spool of Thread
Pin Cushion
Straight Pins or Clips
Straight Needles ( Hand Sewing)
Needle Threader
Small Scissors for Trimming
“Regular “ Shears ( Scissors)
Bent Handle Shears
Seam Ripper
Marking Pencil or Pen
Sewing Machine Needles 
Several Small  Buttons
Masking Tape
Sewing Machine oil
Machine Lint Brush
Clear 6” ruler
Tape Measure
Note Paper (Post It)
Container to Hold these Supplies

Basic Quilting Tools
Rotary Cutter
Extra Blades for Rotary Cutter
Cutting Matt of Rotary Cutter
1/4” Presser Foot
Walking Foot
Fabric Prep Spray (your preference)
Spray Starch 
Sizing Spray
Best Press
Terial Magic
Quilting Ruler(s)
Point Turner 
Iron and Ironing Board or Mat

Embroidery Tools
Monday - Wednesday - Friday 
9:30am - 5:00pm 
Tuesday & Thursday 
9:30am - 7:00pm
Saturday  9:30am - 4pm

Sunday, Closed
Phone: 904-269-6911

1857 Wells Road

Orange Park, FL 32073