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Long Arm Quilting Service

Long Arm Quilting
We offer Meandering and Pantograph Long Arm Quilting Services, with over 300 computerized designs. Stop by for more information. Minimum $50.

Quilt Binding Service
$2/linear foot with customer prepared binding. $4/linear foot - includes store preparation.

We carry “Quilters Dream Select ” to use on your quilt. 

Backing Fabric

We offer a 108 " wide backing fabric. You save time and money by buying the large width. Example, if you were making a 90"x110" you would buy 8 yards of 44" wide fabric for the backing, you would only need 3 1/3 yards of 108" fabric.
You will need to bring the length and width size of your quilt PLUS an additional 4" on all 4 sides to accommodate the Long Arm. 

Sewing Machine Services and Repairs 

Calico Station provides sewing machine repairs. Sewing and embroidery machines will need regular attention and sometimes repairs to your sewing and/or embroidery machine is warranted.

Jerry and Vickie are BERNINA trained technicians and can repair your sewing and embroidery machines as well as conduct regular maintenance, so it can continue to hum.
We provide sewing machine repairs for all makes and models of sewing machines.  

We take pride in timely action, so you can get back to what you love to do....create.  
Jerry and Vickie also conduct quarterly classes on how to 
maintain your BERNINA sewing machines. 

For non-BERNINA machines we require a $60 deposit. 
This deposit will be applied to any Diagnostic and/or Repair fee. 

For sewing machine repair and maintenance, please bring in the following: 

BERNINA owners: Bring in a sample of work showing the stitching problem, if available.
We have cables, presser feet and manuals for BERNINA.

If your BERNINA machine is over 20 years old, please bring in the power cord and foot pedal. 

For NON-BERNINA machines: Bring in a sample of work showing the stitching problem, if available. 
Bring power cords and foot pedal for your machine.
Bring a presser foot and the sewing machine manuals. 


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