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Quilting 103... HST Half Square Triangles


This is a great way to learn to make Half Square Triangles.  HST’s are the building blocks to many traditional quilt squares.  This method is called the accordion method of making multiple HST’s .

In this class you will learn to mark, sew, hold, fold, sew, and then cut your squares into those oh, so useful and creative half square triangles. For this class you will need the minimum of 32  squares.  Please bring these to class already cut.   You will be making enough HST's for a pillow or a table topper.

Supplies For This Class

16 light and 16 dark valued squares total of 32 square minimum.

4 ½, 5, or 5 ½ inch size squares are fine.

(HINT:  1/4 yd cut  42” WOF will yield about 16 – 4 ½ ” squares. Don’t forget you need two DIFFERENT COLORS OR VALUES)

  •       Sewing Machine, electric cords, owner’s manual
  •       NEW sewing machine needle for your machine! (80/12)
  •       Sewing Tool Box – Make sure it has the following items:

            Marking pen, pencil

            Ruler – at least 8 inches long

Square up ruler  5”  (Bloc Loc 5 ½ “ is the ideal), but any square ruler, small STRIPOLOGY or Creative grid type with markings for squaring up small 5 inch quilt squares.

  •       Thread
  •       Scissors,
  •       Rotary cutter


Extras   -   Small cutting matt or a small turn table cutting mat

Quilting 103... HST Half Square Triangles

$ 21.00
Monday - Saturday 
10:00am - 4:00pm 

Sunday, Closed
Phone: 904-269-6911

1857 Wells Road
Orange Park, FL 32073