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Edge to Edge Quilting Using the Embroidery Machine

Objectives of the class:

  • Set up your embroidery machine for quilting.
  • Create templates for positioning embroidery designs.
  • Connect edge-to-edge for quilting designs with no gaps.
  • Quilt small and large projects with your embroidery machine.

Supplies Required:

  1.      Embroidery Machine,  with hoops 5.6 x9.9 (small) or 6.7 x 11.7 (medium) or 7.8 x 13.8 (large)
  2.      Book (which contains the CD for the embroidery patterns we will use)
  3.      Edge to Edge Quilting on Your Embroidery Machine by Amelie Scott Designs 
         Seasonal Swirl Placemats – with Edge to Edge Quilting Technique by Amelie Scott Designs

PLEASE PLACE AN ORDER WITH CALICO STATION SO THAT YOU WILL HAVE THESE FOR THE CLASS, AND YOU BE ABLE TO COMPLETE THE PREP WORK BEFORE YOUR CLASS, IF NECESSARY      For  classes: "Table Runner" 14” x 36” (about) ,  and batting  and backing about 2 – 4 inches larger than top.     Or:  fabric that is cut 14 x 51, and batting and backing about 2 – 4 inches larger than top.  (This will result in a “Whole Cloth” quilted table runner.) A 1yd cut of fabric and a half yard of batting will be sufficient to make a simple, small table runner/ dresser scarf, allowing you to learn the technique.

Sewing and Embroidery Tool Box To include the following:

  • 505 Temporary Spray, or basting pins, or Quilters Select  Free Fuse basting powder
  • Water soluble pen
  • Embroidery Thread
  • Double sided basting Tape
  • Painters Tape
  • Curved Sharp Embroidery Scissors
  • New embroidery needle for your machine (80/12)
  • 2 cuts of white fabric for the hoop size to be used ( I use woven iron on interfacing – by Pellon. So this can be used for more than one project) this will be your stitch out of the pattern for measuring.
  • 2 cuts of tear a way stabilizer for the hoop size to be used used with the iron on interfacing 
  • Copy your PDF files and your embroidery files to a USB Drive, from the C
  • PRINT any directions that are on your CD and NOT in your book or pattern. (the Seasonal Placemats Pattern, we are only using the embroidery files and the directions for placement. WE ARE NOT MAKING THE PLACEMATS IN THIS CLASS.  THIS IS ABOUT LEARNING THE TECHNIQUE.


Edge to Edge Quilting Using the Embroidery Machine

$ 26.00
Monday - Saturday 
10:00am - 4:00pm 

Sunday, Closed
Phone: 904-269-6911

1857 Wells Road
Orange Park, FL 32073