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Quilting 102 - Buffalo Gingham

Join Barb as she goes over all the basics quilters need to know for success, especially learning to read a pattern!

This class is a four-part class for beginners, advanced beginners … or even the experienced quilter.

We'll also cover all the items a quilter needs to know for success.

Our first class will be in fabric color selection; the use of the Stripology ruler, rotary cutters, and preparing the fabric. This class will stress the importance of seam allowance consistency, pressing, and accuracy.   We will learn to trim our squares accurately to that piecing is breeze!

Supply List:

Size: 52 ½ x 60 ½   Throw or Lap Size Quilt (approximately)

This is a monochromatic quilt – one color(hue) family, different values and saturations

Dark Fabric:                 4 Fat Quarters*

Medium Fabric:          1 ¾ yds

Light Fabric:                4 Fat Quarters*

Thread to blend – neutral color  size  50 or  40

    *If you are unable to find your fabric choice in Fat Quarters, have your fabric cut in 1/3 yd x WOF.  
If you have it cut as a ¼ yd x WOF you will not have enough fabric to make the required strips

The following will be needed later, to complete your quilt during week 3 and 4.

Binding: ½ yd

Backing:  2 ¾ yd

Batting : Throw Size

 Make sure you have prepared all your fabrics.  Remove the creases and wrinkles.   This helps to smooth your fabric, make it easier to measure and cut and depending upon the “treatment” you use, stabilize your fabric.(Steam iron, sprinkle/spray with water, Best Press, Spray Starch, Magic Sizing, Terial Magic)

Quilting 102 - Buffalo Gingham

$ 41.00


Monday - Saturday 

10:00am - 4:00pm

Sunday, Closed
Phone: 904-269-6911

1857 Wells Road
Orange Park, FL 32073