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BRS, Free Motion Quilting

January 15, 22, 29:  9am – 12 Noon

We have this wonderful tool which comes with many of our machines. Perhaps we use it at Mastery Class, but then do we use it after that?  Let’s get them out and start stitching!!

In this class we will spend 3 weeks working on different aspects of Free Motion Quilting, Threads to use, Needles, and designs!  There is pre-work, and there will be some homework each week. 

Please note: this class is also open to those who do not have a BSR, but are interested in learning more about Free Motion Quilting.

 Supply List:

  •       2 Yards Muslin – Cut 15 squares: 14”x 14”
  •       1 Fat Quarter of Picture Fabric (fabric with pictures of whatever, that can be traced around) cut 1 square  14”x14”
  •       Cut 15 Squares of Batting: 14”x14”
  •       505 Spray to put the Mini Quilts together
  •       Sewing Machine & accessories – power cord, foot pedal, quilting needles,
  •       BERNINA Stitch Regulator or Quilting Foot, ie #9, # 29 #42, etc.
  •       Fabric Marker, and a Fine Point Marker
  •       Thread for Quilting:  I prefer Cotton Thread, ie: Mettler, Aurifil, etc. However, Embroidery threads and other decorative threads can also be used.  Bring several types to test
  •       Machine Quilting Gloves –optional - can be very beneficial 
  •       Slider or Supreme Slider: optional– a Teflon sheet with a tacky back that adheres to your sewing machine and aids in moving your quilt.
  •       Your Favorite sewing accessories

 PRE-Work (Required)

I recommend pressing all fabrics with TERIAL Magic before attempting to cut.  

  1.   From Muslin & Batting, create 7 - 14”x 14” mini quilts.
  2.    From Picture fabric, cut 1 14”x14” square, and use the remaining piece of  muslin and batting square and create one more mini quilt
  3.    Mark one mini-quilt into 9 equal squares
  4.   OPTIONAL:  You may serge or zig-zag the edges of the mini quilts to prevent fraying.







BRS, Free Motion Quilting

$ 36.00
Monday - Saturday 
10:00am - 4:00pm 

Sunday, Closed
Phone: 904-269-6911

1857 Wells Road
Orange Park, FL 32073